Next-Generation Fighter

  • President Kim Dae-Jung declared the development of indigenous fighter jet and its deployment in 2015
  • Approved the basic strategy of the KF-X Project (by Defense Acquisition Program Promotion Committee)
  • Conducted exploratory development (organized by the Agency for Defense Development and participated by KAI and LIG Next 1 as a prototype develop company)
  • EMD Program Feasibility Analysis (KISTEP/KIDA)
  • Selection of the leading company and concluded a contract for EMD (Engineering, Manufacturing, and Development) Program
  • Program Kick-off meeting and SRR/SFR
  • Designation of defense good and defense company for KF-X program
  • Completed PDR (Preliminary Design Review)
  • Completed CDR (Critical Design Review)
  • Started the Final Assembly of the First Prototype
  • Roll-Out of the First Prototype
  • First flight (22.07.19), KF-21 First flight Ceremony (22.09.28)
  • EMD Completion

Fixed Wing