Corporate Philosophy

KAI will continue to challenge to realize our ambitious vision
to be global top 5 in aerospace


"Become a global leading aerospace company
with fulfilling social responsibility and trusted by customers
with the best technologies and products."
  • The best technologies and reliable products
    The best technologies and reliable products

    In order to develop the products integrated with world’s best technology, KAI will secure core technology to be equipped with a high level of expertise in the aerospace industry, continuing to seek challenge and innovation.

  • Trusted by customers
    Trusted by customers

    Customer is the core factor for an enterprise to survive. KAI will continue to try to build up trust by respecting customers.

  • Social responsibility
    Social responsibility

    In order to comply with corporate ethics and foster a sound industrial ecosystem, KAI will keep its co-existence development policy and participate in the social contribution activities in a positive way.

  • Become a global leading company
    Become a global leading company

    KAI strives to grow to be a global company which is recognized its competence in the world market.


global top5

KAI will successfully complete the KF-21 and LAH/LCH projects and expand exports of the
aircrafts, including the T-50, FA-50 and Surion helicopter as well as aerostructures for civil
aircraft. Further, KAI will induce space industrialization via development of the
private sector-led satellite ∙ launching vehicle, and achieve its vision by beeping up
even the new business sector in the years to come, like the MRO, PAV and more.

Core Values

핵심가치 아이콘
  • Trust and Respect
    for Customers
    Meeting customer and market needs in proactive manner
    We should offer the best feasible solution to customer by thorough preparation with catching exact customer's need and expectation in advance, not a blind effort.
    Prompt and Precise Feedback to customer's request
    We should closely listen to requests and complaints of customer to the end with a respectful attitude and catch customer's core requests exactly and take the most proper action. Also, timely feedback for a request's request shall be followed by.
    Ensuring the transparency in Management and proactive contribution to our neighbor and society
    We should comply with ethic and code of conduct for company but also customer and fulfill our social responsibility as a member of society with active contribution.
  • Challenges and Innovations
    in Technology
    No fear on failure but continuous attempt with challenge spirit
    Technology is a core requirement for sustain our business as steady growth engine which determines business success and failure. With such a perception, we all should challenge to securing cutting-edge technologies.
    Seek-out of sustainable innovation for product and technology
    We should seek out sustainable innovation to secure our competitive advantage of product and technology.
    Obtaining expertise with a professionalism
    Each of us should secure a job expertise in the field of his or her own, and improve one's expertise and strengthen competitiveness by establishing ability development plan and continuous improvement and learning.
  • Communication and
    Harmonization for cooperation
    Open communication based on interest and consideration
    We should always respect each other's personality and considerate for the other party, posture of putting yourself in the person's shoes. We should hold on to an attitude which promotes mutual trust and cooperation via reasonable two-way communication.
    Mutual cooperation to achieve our Goal
    We should put a priority on the company-wide goal over the goal of the lower level department. In order to achieve such a company goal, we should orient toward reasonable attitude and behavior which enable the company to muster all capacities to create a synergy among the departments and individuals.
    Work in Proactive manner with initiative
    We should faithfully work our jobs and duties in our company with a spirit of ownership and responsibility and ultimately take the lead in activities to make a "Better and the Best" company.