Ethical Management

As a trusted global aerospace company,
KAI is fulfilling our social role and responsibility.

Fair Trade Compliance Program(CP)

CEO’s message on Fair Trade Compliance Program(CP)

In recent years demands for company’s transparency is rapidly increasing and KAI,
as the leading defense company, values fair trade with partners, subsidiaries, and 3rd parties for they are crucial
for supplying and manufacturing high-quality products.

Fair Trade is one of the most fundamental values that upholds the growth of the global economy
and KAI is the forefront company in implementing the fair trade compliance program(CP).

KAI’s CP is autonomous system that identifies compliance risks beforehand
and prevent violations of fair trade laws and statues.

KAI appoints the Chief of Compliance Program and assembles Compliance Program Council
to raise awareness of the Board of Directors and employees to internalize corporate compliance.
KAI aims to create a trusting culture that can manifest a transparent process
with all of our partners, subsidiaries, and 3rd parties.

Our employees and I, as the CEO of KAI, firmly believe fair trade to be an obligation
and willing to take responsibility in developing the meaningful compliance culture.

Thank you.


ceo KANG Goo-young