Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Continuous R&D in Preparation
for the Future UAV era

KAI succeeded in deploying its reconnaissance UAV(Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), Songolmae, in the Republic of Korean Army(RoKA) for the first time in Korea in 2001 and is recognized for its performance and trustworthiness in the military.

Based on it, KAI continues to conduct advance research on VTOL(Vertical Take-Off and Landing) UAV, Strike-typed UAV and UCAV(Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle), leading the way in developing the technology for autonomous systems.

Key Points

Key Points


  • 100 kts

  • 52 shp

  • 6hr

Next Corps Surveillance UAV

Long endurance, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance UAV

Key Points

Key Points


  • 17m

  • 9m

  • 3m

  • 1,700kg

  • 0km

  • 00hr

  • 000km