CEO Message

Fly Higher & Further! KAI will make our mission success
to foster the aerospace industry

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KAI has grown to become a nation’s leading aerospace company with global competitiveness through indomitable will and continuous efforts in Korea, previously a barrenness of aerospace industry.

Starting with indigenously developed the basic trainer “KT-1”, it contribute to national sovereignty by developing state-of-art aerospace and defense systems including supersonic advanced jet trainer (AJT) “T-50”, multi-role utility helicopter Surion, and corps level UAV “Songgolmae” and it has laid the foundation for nurturing domestic aerospace industry by developing and manufacturing core aerostructure, and taking part in satellite development projects such as multi-purpose satellite in eamest.

Furthermore, KAl is leading the industrialization of aircraft export promotion by exporting indigenous platforms to seven countries around the world and steadily reinforcing its brand value in the global aerospace market. In the future, we will continue to pioneer overseas market, contributing to our solid position as an aircraft exporting country.

On the other hand, KAI successfully carry out national strategic development program such as Korean Fighter(KF-21), Light Armed Helicopter(LAH), Light Civil Helicopter(LCH), and Compact Advanced Satellite, and secured future cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence and autonomous flight in connection with the 4th Industrial Revolution. Based on aforementioned efforts KAI will prepare to make a quantum leap to growth to be a global aerospace company by establishing the new aerospace ecosystem and infrastructure.

Entire KAI employees will make dedicated efforts unceasingly to leap forward as a top-tier aerospace company with the mission to foster the aerospace to be a national strategic industry as a future innovative growth engine.

Until today, keen interest and support of fellow Korean is a concrete cornerstone for strong motivation to KAI. We look forward to your continued support.

Thank You.